Online Valves Aberdeen

World Wide Supplier of Valves

Online Valves Ltd aims to provide a quality service to meet the urgent requirements for fast response and quick delivery of Pipeline Valves to the Oil & Gas Industries Worldwide.

Our specialist services include:
Supply of valves in all types, sizes, pressure classes & materials.
Supply of a single item or the provision of a completely flexible package tailored to individual client or project needs.

All Types of Valves Supplied:
Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Through Conduit Gates, Control, PSV, Needle and Double Block & Bleed, Cryogenic, Manual & Actuated, Topside & Subsea

Ball Valves
JC, Kitz, Dafram, Della Foglia, Sri, Starline, Velan, PBV, Grove, Perar, Piper, Vinco, Zavero, Moma, KF, NSSL, John Mills, Shipham, JC, Sern, Pekos
Gates & Globes
LVF, OMB, Calobri, Bonney Forge, Douglas Chero, Fluval, BAF, Tocina, Kitz, Firsa, Valvosider, Valitalia, DSI, Velan, John Mills, Shipham
Butterfly Valves & Plugs
Charles Winn, Vanessa, Intervalve, Tomoe, Ebro, Hobbs, Bray, Keystone, Saunders, Audco, Hindle
Double Block & Bleed
Alco, Oliver, Saccap, Moma, Parker, Colson
Abacus, Goodwin, Crane, LVF, OMB, Calobri, Bonney Forge, Douglas chero, Fluval, BAF, Tocina, Kitz, Firsa, Valvosider, Valitalia, DSI, Velan, Shipham, John Mills, Mokveld, Entech
Pressure Safety Valves
Pentair, Broady, Leser
Control & Choke Valves
Koso Kent Introl, Tomoe Tritec, Taylor, Claval, Parcol

All Major Sizes
1/2 to 48

All Materials – From standard to special
Carbon steel, Low Temp Carbon steel, High yield steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, Copper Nickel

All Ratings
150,300,600,800,900,1500,2500lb, API 5k,10k & 15k