Online Valves Aberdeen


We provide a full range of valves testing services to National standards or client specifications
– NDE testing Ultrasonic / X-ray, PMI, MPI, DPE
– Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Pressure Testing to standards including typically: BS EN 12266,API 598, API 6D, Testing up to 750barg (11000psi)
– High Pressure Pneumatic Testing at pressures up to 345barg (5000psi) using Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Helium/Nitrogen mixtures.
– Low Temperature Testing of all types of valves for Cryogenic Service attemperatures down to -196°C in accordance with National standards; typically:BS EN1626 and BS6364, Shell SPE 77/306 and 77/200
– Fugitive Emissions
– Prototype/Production Testing standards and specifications include BSEN 15848 and Shell SPE 77/312.
– Performance and Endurance Testing

Painting Services

Painting services available incorporating any and all painting specifications as chose by the client

Topside & Subseapainting specs
Tagging and Labelling
Degreasing and Oxygen Cleaning Services


We offer both basic and specialised custom modifications services by utilising our strong links with manufacturers and engineering firms, ensuring we are able to meet your exact requirements

End connections changes or simple addition of pipe pups
Extended Bonnets; both lagging or fully Cryogenic
Change of stems including extensions, balls, disks, springs, gaskets, handwheels, seats & seals, & bolting
Locking devices or interlock systems
Gear boxes
Cryogenic Conversions
Heating Jacket Modifications
Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic Actuators, can if required be completed with controls & panels